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Ozonix® EF10
Mobile Frac Tank

Ecosphere’s Ozonix® EF10 mobile, advanced oxidation frac tanks are specifically designed, developed and manufactured by Ecosphere to treat, recycle and reuse water being used to hydraulically fracture a hydrocarbon bearing formation. The EF10 is apart of the Ecos-Frac® family of Ozonix® products being leveraged by oil and gas operators around the United States to treat, recycle and reuse precious water resources.

Ecosphere’s patented Ozonix® technology is a proven, chemical-free alternative for high-volume wastewater treatment and recycling. The EF10 eliminates biocides and scale inhibitors typically used to manage microbial growth and scale deposition, providing operators with a chemical-free method of managing petroleum industry wastewaters.

The EF10 frac tank is capable of processing 10 barrels per minute (420 GPM) or more than 600 thousand gallons per day. The EF10 can be used to pre-treat raw water needed for fracturing operations or for the post-treatment of flowback and produced waters at pond sites or fixed facilities.

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  • Eliminates Chemicals
  • Provides Rapid On-Site Water Reclamation
  • Oxidizes Contaminates, Killing Bacteria On-the-Fly
  • Eliminates Costly Biocides and Scale Inhibitors
  • Eliminates Waste Byproducts and Residual Pollutants
  • Eliminates Separation, Transportation & Disposal Costs
  • High Volume Capability Allows for Quick Turnaround Time and efficient utilization
  • Self-Contained System Offers Minimal Mobilization and Demobilization
  • Ozonix® is Environmentally Safe - Preserves Vital Natural Water Resources for Current & Future Generations

Technical Specs

  • Mobile Frac Tank
  • Water Holding Capacity of 500 Barrels
  • Patented Ozonix® Reactor for Advanced Oxidation
  • Flow Rates Rated for 10 Barrels / Min. (420 GPM)
  • Salinity Range Rated for 50 - 200,000 PPM
  • Onboard ORP Reading Measurements
  • Protected By U.S. Patent No’s: 7,699,994 / 7,699,988 7,785,470 / 7,943,087 / 8,318,027 / Patents Pending

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