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Founder's Statement

Jacques Cousteau’s life was dedicated to exploration, conservation, and responsible innovation. Today, over 100 years from his birth, his legacy lives on in those he has inspired to protect our world’s precious natural resources.

Cousteau believed that for companies to realize true sustainability, they have to first achieve a mindful balance of ecology, economy, and technology.

His philosophy is the genesis for the name Ecosphere Technologies and has helped inform many of its guiding principles, from our commitment to the environment to our "Open Innovation" business model.

Our founding vision for stewardship of the world's water has taken on new meaning as the U.S. faces increased challenges to its water resources. Current economic and environmental pressures are driving greater awareness of the urgent need for intelligent resource conservation. Through our "Open Innovation" business model, we are actively identifying environmental challenges, inventing and protecting new technologies to solve them, and working with our licensed partners to help organizations leverage these technologies to improve their water conservation practices so they can meet production goals and environmental requirements successfully.

With a strong commitment to research, ongoing development of patented technologies, and successful completion of large-scale water projects, Ecosphere is uniquely positioned to deliver real and lasting process improvements for a broad range of industries and applications. From energy exploration to agriculture, manufacturing to mining, our innovative technologies provide the potential to recycle billions of gallons of wastewater each year while safeguarding our nation's clean energy reserves. And for many industries, such as mining operations focused on hard, precious, and strategic metals, our technologies not only protect the environment – they can increase yields.

In the world's developed countries, we take it for granted that clean water flows freely through an established infrastructure into our homes, schools, offices and manufacturing plants, and across our farmlands. While we have instant access to this life-sustaining substance, millions of others do not. We will continue on our mission, encouraged by the world's growing awareness of the need to solve these pressing challenges of access to and preservation of our water resources.

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