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Chemical-Free Wastewater Treatment Solutions for Agriculture

As the world continues to grow, commercial agriculture consumes more and more water. And, as this water is consumed, both wastewater streams and regulatory requirements increase. Effective wastewater management has become one of the cornerstones of running a successful agriculture business.

Ecosphere’s patented Ozonix® wastewater treatment technology provides a cost-effective, chemical-free solution for the treatment and reuse of the large amounts of wastewater generated from agricultural processing operations. Ozonix® is an industry win-win: both economically viable and environmentally friendly.

Aquaculture and Fish Farming

To ensure profitability, commercial aquaculture and fish farming operations must reduce water usage, bacteria growth rates, and reduce waterborne diseases, while adhering to ever tighter environmental regulations. Ecosphere can help Aquaculture and Fish Farming operations cost-effectively increase production through chemical-free water and wastewater treatment and bacteria treatment and control.

Livestock Farm and Feedlots

Wastewater from livestock farms and feedlots is highly odorous and highly toxic. Among other pollutants, it contains high nitrate and phosphorus content, antibiotics, and pathogenic bacteria. As such, the industry is being increasingly subjected to government regulation. Ecosphere can help livestock and feedlot operations improve profitability and adhere to regulations through chemical-free bacteria treatment, odor control, and wastewater treatment.

Landscape Irrigation and Runoff

Commercial Landscape operations must maintain a dual focus; ensuring the health and beauty of their landscaping while protecting against the toxic runoff of herbicides and fertilizers into neighboring surface waters. Ecosphere’s patented Ozonix® technology is the smart solution for the chemical-free pretreatment and recycling of landscape irrigation and runoff wastewaters for beneficial reuse.

Grain Growing and Processing

Until recently, the global grain industry enjoyed a relatively stable business environment. There was little year-to-year fluctuation in grain prices or in production and demand. Weather was more predictable and government regulations were far less stringent. The times have quickly changed. Grain operations are now faced with a great deal of unpredictability and environmental challenges, all of which have increased the value of clean water.

Ensuring operational stability and future profitability in a volatile marketing climate means employing a cost-effective water and wastewater management program that optimizes the use of every drop of clean water. Ecosphere can help grain operations realize this goal through chemical-free wastewater treatment, reuse, and recycling that complies completely with all environmental regulations.

Vineyard and Winery Operations

Vineyards and wineries have a host of unique water and wastewater treatment needs, from pH neutralization, bacteria control, membrane biofouling to solids removal. Wastewater production is seasonal – typically during harvest and winemaking - with significant shutdown and start-up periods and huge fluctuations in flow. Learn how Ecosphere’s proven, patented Ozonix® technology can solve the most challenging agricultural related wastewater challenges.

Sludge Processing

The processing of wastewater residuals (sewage sludge) into biosolids for reuse as fertilizer on new food crops is a proven means of improving operational sustainability for agriculture businesses. Effective implementation of this recycling process relies almost solely on the underlying technologies that support it. Learn how Ecosphere’s portfolio of patented wastewater treatment technologies is helping agriculture businesses thrive through reuse and recycling.

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