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Water Disinfection and Sterilization Solutions

Across industries and communities, clean water is critical to healthy and sustainable, profitable operations. Proper water disinfection and sterilization is an effective means of removing or killing bacteria and unwanted pathogens in water supplies. Chlorine and Chlorine dioxide are common chemical disinfectants that while effective in certain scenarios, present a host of health and environmental concerns.

Ecosphere’s patented Ozonix® water treatment technology is a chemical-free alternative for water disinfection that can help municipalities and industries around the world mitigate risk and ensure a steady supply of clean water. Ozonix® is proven, cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

CAVISONIX™, a revolutionary water treatment process from Ecosphere, incorporates various forms of cavitation at high pressures, to decontaminate water in numerous industries from Agriculture and Farming to Industrial and Municipal Wastewater treatment. CAVISONIX™is a chemical-free alternative to costly and toxic biocides that provides proven, highly effective microbial control through the complete oxidization of bacteria and destruction of bacteria cell walls and biofilms accompanied by zero generation of harmful disinfection byproducts. 

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