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Bacteria and Biofilm Control


From oil and natural gas wells to nuclear power plants, shipping vessels to cooling and boiling water cycles, biofouling – particularly microfouling – is a real, persistent and costly threat to industries around the world. Common hazards include:

  • Equipment damage
  • Reductions in pipe flow
  • Increased pipe pressure
  • Increased energy and fuel consumption
  • Increased maintenance costs
  • Increased equipment replacement costs
  • Reduced operation efficiencies and well recovery flow rates

In addition, toxic chemical disinfectants and the disposal of hazardous waste products present ongoing expense and environmental liability. Today, ensuring profitable operations means having an effective water management strategy, and a critical component of effective water management is the control and destruction of bacteria and biofilms. 

Biofouling occurs when thin layers of bacteria form to coat surfaces such as pipes, machinery, hulls, or wells – almost any surface commonly found in commercial and industrial operations can be impacted. Microbial biofilms typically form on moist or wet surfaces, and once developed demonstrate a remarkable resistance to changes in environment, antibiotics and chemical disinfectants, leveraging “persister cells” to survive even prolonged exposure to disinfectants.

Proven Microbial Control

Ecosphere’s patented Ozonix® Technology is a chemical-free alternative to costly and toxic biocides that provides proven, highly effective microbial control through the complete oxidization of bacteria and destruction of bacteria cell walls and biofilms accompanied by zero generation of harmful disinfection byproducts. It accomplishes this through the production of hydroxyl radicals (OH-) that are significantly more powerful than chlorine or ozone when used in isolation.

Ozonix® Test Results Gathered for 300+ Oil and Natural Gas Wells:

On-Site Fracturing Example: 3-Well Pad/11 Stage Wells Treated at 100+ bbl/min.

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