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Mining Wastewater Recycling Solutions

Water Management Solutions for Mining Operations:

Wastewater treatment, reuse, and recycling

Ecosphere’s patented Ozonix® technology effectively treats, recycles and reclaims water to preserve precious water resources for mining operations. Ozonix® has been proven successful by independent laboratory tests and the billions of gallons of reusable wastewater recycled for major oil and gas exploration and production companies in the energy industry.

Water disinfection and sterilization

For the mining industry, a steady source of clean and/or usable water is critical to maintaining profitable operations. Through a proprietary advanced oxidation process, Ecosphere’s patented, chemical-free Ozonix® water treatment technology can help mining companies protect both their assets and the environment through cost-effective and environmentally responsible disinfection, oxidation and sterilization of water.

Oxidation of contaminants

The Ozonix® technology can help decrease liability and improve water treatment capacity through the chemical free treatment of all bacteria, soluble organics and hydrocarbons in your water cycle; eliminating the need for hazardous chemical biocides.

Oxidative Mineral Leaching Agent

For many years, cyanide and other toxic chemical leaching agents were used to increase ore recovery rates. However, as environmental regulations have tightened, the use of cyanide has been banned in countless mining operations around the globe. Ecosphere’s patented Ozonix® technology is a chemical-free alternative to dangerous chemicals—a highly effective water treatment process that can produce an oxidative leaching agent onsite to:

  • Do away with the transportation, storage and handling of the dangerous chemicals typically used to leach gold and other precious metals from soil and rock.
  • Destroy biofilms and heavy metals, and pre-treat mineral bearing rocks in place of cyanide to increase ore recovery rates.
  • Re-open mines that have been closed due to reliance on environmentally unsafe ore recovery processes.

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