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Water Management Solutions for Municipalities

The capability of municipalities to meet the demands of growing populations is currently being stretched very thin: water scarcity and strict regulatory compliance are just a few of the challenges being faced. Ecosphere Technologies portfolio of patented technologies provides the means by which municipalities can at once improve the effectiveness and lower the cost of water management programs, while reducing dependency on hazardous chemicals such as chlorine.

Water and Wastewater Treatment Services for Municipalities:

Water disinfection and sterilization

One of municipalities’ core responsibilities is ensuring the reliable availability of a clean water source to the public. Through a proven advanced oxidation process, Ecosphere’s patented, chemical-free Ozonix® water treatment technology can help municipalities meet this demand through cost-effective and environmentally responsible disinfection, oxidation and sterilization of water.

Oxidation of contaminants

Ozonix® can help municipalities decrease liability and improve capacity through the chemical free treatment of all bacteria and soluble organics in the water cycle; eliminating the need for hazardous chemical biocides commonly used to control microbial growth.

Process wastewater treatment

For over a decade, Ecosphere has been helping industrial companies solve some of the most significant process wastewater treatment challenges in the world – cost effectively and chemically free. 

Bacteria, biofilm treatment and control

Ozonix® provides highly effective, chemical-free microbial control through the complete oxidization of bacteria and destruction of bacteria cell walls and biofilms. It accomplishes this through the production of hydroxyl radicals (OH-) that are significantly more powerful than chlorine or ozone when used in isolation.

Prevention of biofouling, scaling and corrosion

Ozonix® helps protect assets and improve productivity by effectively combatting scaling, corrosion, and biofouling, while eliminating costly biocides and reducing scale inhibitors needed for corrosion control.

Sludge treatment and recovery

The processing of wastewater residuals (sewage sludge) into biosolids for reuse is a proven means of improving operational sustainability for all manner of organizations. Effective implementation of this recycling process relies almost solely on the underlying technologies that support it. Ecosphere’s portfolio of patented technologies is helping businesses and organizations around the world thrive through the chemical-free treatment and recovery of sludge.

Odor control

Over the last 10 years, odor control has become an increasingly significant consideration for wastewater treatment programs. Municipal odor challenges are typically a result of anaerobic (or “septic”) conditions, a breeding ground for sulfate-reducing bacteria. Ecosphere’s chemical-free Ozonix® technology can help wastewater treatment programs effectively control odors through a patented, advanced oxidation process that increases the mass transfer efficiency of ozone and produces OH- (hydroxyl radicals) to cost-effectively destroy bacteria.


Effective pretreatment involves the treatment of wastewater to remove pollutants before it can be safely treated for human consumption or discharged. This discharge is highly regulated, and contaminants can vary. Ecosphere’s proven, chemical-free Ozonix® technologywill help municipalities achieve cost-effective wastewater pretreatment to produce environmentally safe effluent that is suitable for drinking water filtration or discharge.

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