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Sea of Green Systems, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ecosphere Technologies, owns the global distribution rights to Ecosphere's patent-pending Ecos GrowCube™ technology in addition to Ecosphere's multi-patented Ozonix® water treatment and nutrient micro-mixing technologies, automation, software and controls for precision agriculture and hydroponic related applications globally.

With a comprehensive line of automated growing systems, an in-house team of certified agronomists and the support of an ISO:9001 design, engineering and manufacturing facility, there is no challenge too large or small for Sea of Green Systems to take on.

PRECISION AGRICULTURE - Real-Time Monitoring & Control Over Critical Growing Variables: 

Conventionally defined as the "group of hardware and software technologies that help farmers improve decision-making with data-driven analytics", Sea of Green Systems defines "Precision Agriculture" by its ability to optimize the following Limiting Factors of growing:
  • Canopy Temperature (°F)
  • Lighting (LUX)
  • Humidity (%)
  • CO2 (PPM)
  • Root Temperature (°F)
  • Dissolved Oxygen (DO)
  • Electro Conductivity (EC)
  • PH
  • Oxygen Reduction Potential (ORP)
These Limiting Factors are what directly contribute to a crops health, quality and yield and must be monitored and controlled at all times in order to produce optimum growing conditions. In all of its automated growing systems, Sea of Green Systems offers its customers the ability to control these important functions and integrates the technology into a simple user-interface so that farmers can make smarter, more informed decisions. In certain cases, Sea of Green Systems can also offer customers the ability to remotely monitor and control their growing systems from anywhere in the world via an internet enabled device such as an iPad or iPhone.


Made in the USA and crafted out of aircraft-grade aluminum, Sea of Green Systems' products utilize hydroponic growing techniques in order to maximize the quality and amount of crop production possible in a given footprint.  

Designed to optimize 100% of the Limiting Factors required to grow high quality plants, Sea of Green Systems' automated growing systems include but are not limited to having SOGS proprietary Deep Water Culture (DWC) systems in food-grade stainless steel, top-feed drip irrigation and bubbleponics, Ecosphere's multi-patented OZONIX® water treatment and nutrient micro-mixing technology, height-adjustable LED light bars with full-spectrum LED lights, industrial-grade light deprivation curtains, security & surveillance, touch-screen fertigation controller, aircraft-grade aluminum frame construction and sensors to monitor the most important Limiting Factors of plant cultivation. 

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