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Manufacturing Wastewater Treatment

Ecosphere Technologies, Inc. has over a decade of direct experience successfully treating some of the world’s most contaminated waters without the use of toxic chemicals. With this experience and expertise, we help industrial manufacturers protect investments and mitigate risk, meet or exceed ever increasing industrial wastewater regulations, and eliminate the need for hazardous chemicals.

Manufacturing Wastewater Treatment Services:

Water disinfection and sterilization

Across industries, clean water is critical to profitable operations. Ecosphere’s patented, chemical-free Ozonix® water treatment technology is helping manufacturers cost effectively disinfect, oxidize and sterilize water with a proven advanced oxidation process.

Oxidation of contaminants

Ecosphere’s patented, chemical-free Ozonix® technology helps manufacturers decrease liability and improve production capacity through the chemical free treatment of all contaminants in your water cycle; eliminating the need for hazardous chemical biocides commonly used to control microbial growth.

Manufacturing process wastewater treatment

From rinsing to boiler water make up, process water is used throughout the manufacturing process.  Effective process water treatment is critical to improving product quality, protecting assets, and lowering energy costs.  For over a decade, Ecosphere has been helping industrial companies solve some of the most significant process water challenges – cost effectively and chemically free.

Industrial bacteria treatment and control

Ecosphere’s patented Ozonix® technology provides high volume microbial control that completely oxidizes bacteria and destroys bacteria cell walls, preventing biofouling and microbiologically induced corrosion (MIC) from the start.

Biofilm destruction

From marine to medical, the unattended buildup of highly resistant biofilms can cripple systems and threaten profitable operations. Although chemical-based solutions are prevalent, they can be uneffective and hazardous to both employees and the environment, increasing organizational liability. Ecosphere’s patented Ozonix® technology is a chemical-free alternative that leverages a proven advanced oxidation process to effectively destroy biofilms.

Prevention of scaling, corrosion and biofouling

Ecosphere’s cost-effective, chemical-free Ozonix® technology will help protect your assets and improve productivity by effectively combatting scaling, corrosion, and biofouling, while eliminating costly biocides and reducing scale inhibitors needed for corrosion control.

Odor control

Over the last decade, odor control has become a greater focus for manufacturers and industrial service providers. Ecosphere’s chemical-free Ozonix® technology will help manufacturers effectively control odor through a patented, advanced oxidation process that increases the mass transfer efficiency of ozone to destroy bacteria.

Leachate and recovery

Leachate can have devastating environmental consequences if it finds its way to surface or ground water. Ecosphere’s patented Ozonix® technology is a proven, chemical-free technology that will effectively treat leachate to ensure that it doesn’t become an organizational liability.

Wastewater pretreatment

Wastewater pretreatment involves the treatment of wastewater produced by manufacturers to remove contaminants before it is safely discharged. This discharge is highly regulated, and as industrial and commercial operations vary, so do the nature of contaminants. Ecosphere’s proven, chemical-free Ozonix® technologywill help commercial and industrial operations achieve cost-effective wastewater pretreatment to produce environmentally safe effluent that is suitable for discharge.

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