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Chemical-Free Wastewater Treatment Solutions for Energy Providers

Produced Water Recycling – Oil and Natural Gas Industry

America’s oil and natural gas industry is projected to be worth $85 billion by 2013; and the need for clean reusable water will increase accordingly. Ozonix®, the chemical-free water treatment solution developed, patented, and manufactured by Ecosphere Technologies, addresses this need with an advanced water treatment system that provides long term resource sustainability to end users. Designed to treat both flowback water and produced water during hydraulic fracturing operations, Ozonix® provides operators with a total water management solution for on-site microbial control and scale-inhibition.

Unconventional Shale Plays

Natural gas recovered from Unconventional Shale Plays is now considered to be the next step forward in the fossil-fuel recovery challenge. The large volume and long-term potential of these shale plays are driving greater exploration of this previously ignored resource. In a conventional gas field, wells are drilled down to the gas deposits, which can be as deep as two miles beneath the surface. With unconventional shale plays, the gas trapped in tight shale formations is released through directional drilling and a process known as hydraulic fracturing that cracks the shale and releases the flow of gas.

Hydraulic Fracturing

Hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking,” requires millions of gallons of water to be mixed with very fine sand forced down the well at high pressure—during the first few weeks of operations, millions of gallons of contaminated flowback water return to the surface. Prior to the introduction of the Ecosphere Ozonix® technology, this flowback water had to be loaded into tanker trucks and hauled away to deep-injection sites or holding ponds.  The Ecosphere Ozonix® technology has eliminated the need for wastewater trucking and allows operators to re-use 100% of their water. Since December of 2008, Ozonix® has allowed energy producers to treat, recycle and reuse over 2 Billion gallons of wastewater around the United States.

Nuclear Power Generation Water Management

While much of America’s energy still comes from oil, natural gas, and coal resources, nuclear power is predicted to be an $18 Billion industry by the year 2013. To date there are only 104 nuclear power plants in the United States, but these power stations use and consume more water than those using other fuel sources—depending upon the type of cooling system, the increase can range from 20% to 83% more per megawatt. With proper water management controls in place, nuclear energy is considered clean and highly energy-efficient.  However, poorly controlled discharge can have a tremendously negative impact on surrounding aquatic life and environmental balance.

Ecosphere can help Nuclear Power Plant operators more effectively manage operations through innovative cost-effective water management solutions, including cooling tower water treatment, boiling water treatment, and wastewater recycling.

Coal-Fired Power Plant Wastewater Treatment

Coal continues to remain one of the world’s primary resources for producing electricity. It also has a much-debated reputation for being an unclean energy source and is highly regulated. One of the greatest challenges facing Coal-fired power plant operators is how to minimize the environmental impact of their operations while increasing production output. With its chemical-free Ozonix® wastewater treatment technology, Ecosphere can help operators increase production capacity, while adhering to environmental regulations.

Refinery Water Treatment

Petroleum refineries rely on clean water sources for a variety of processes, from crude oil desalting to hydroprocessing units and cooling towers.Effective operation of systems is critical to sustainable and reliable operations, and today's water treatment challenges can directly impact the effectiveness of bacteria and corrosion control, compromising the integrity of key pieces of heat transfer equipment and negatively affecting the energy efficiency of process units. Ozonix® is a chemical-free, industry proven wastewater treatment technology from Ecosphere that will help refinery operators meet ever more rigorous refinery effluent water quality standards.

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