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Innovative Water Management Solutions

Ecosphere Technologies provides cost-effective water treatment, water recovery, and water recycling solutions to major industries around the world – helping protect assets and mitigate risks. Because water recycling and wastewater treatment are critical components of many operational processes, our clean water solutions are available for a vast range of industrial, commercial, and municipal applications.

Bacteria Control

Ecosphere’s Ozonix® Technology is a chemical-free alternative to costly and toxic biocides that provides highly effective microbial control through the complete oxidization of bacteria and destruction of bacteria cell walls and biofilms. It accomplishes this through the production of hydroxyl radicals (OH-) that are significantly more powerful than chlorine or ozone when used in isolation.

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Corrosion Control

Both scale buildup and corrosion can take a variety of forms, but when found in and on pipes, wells, tubing and equipment, the results are always negative. For nearly a decade, Ecosphere has successfully addressed some the most challenging scale and corrosion challenges in the world – cleanly and cost effectively.

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Mobile Wastewater Treatment Solutions

Ecosphere’s self-contained, chemical-free, Ozonix® mobile water treatment systems offer minimal mobilization and demobilization arrangements and are proven effective in the high volume treatment of on site process water systems.

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On-Site Produced Water Solutions

Ecosphere Energy Services is a leading water treatment provider to the energy services sector. Currently, we provide a range of water treatment and water recycling technologies and services to energy companies in the natural gas industry with onsite, chemical-free solutions that kill bacteria and reduce scaling at high flow rates using Ecosphere’s patented Ozonix® Technology.

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Mining Wastewater Recycling

For the mining industry, a steady source of clean and/or usable water is critical to maintaining profitable operations. Ecosphere’s Ozonix® water treatment technology is a clean, cost-effective solution for reducing and reusing the residual wastewater streams produced in the mining industry, and has been proven effective via billions of gallons of wastewater recycled for major oil and gas exploration and production companies.

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Cooling and Boiler Water Treatment

Lack of, or ineffective, water pretreatment and contaminated cooling and boiler water systems can be a significant source of operational costs and present a hazard to employees. An effective, chemical free alternative to cooling and boiler water treatment is now available in Ozonix®.

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Agricultural Water Reclamation

As the global population climbs upward, the demands on commercial agriculture increase. This demand results in the consumption of greater amounts of water and, as this water is consumed, both wastewater streams and regulatory requirements increase. Effective wastewater recycling has become inseparable from running a successful agriculture business.

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Municipal Wastewater Treatment

Ecosphere Technologies portfolio of patented technologies provides the means by which municipalities can at once improve the effectiveness and lower the cost of water management programs, while reducing dependency on hazardous chemicals such as chlorine.

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Sewage Wastewater Treatment

Ecosphere’s proven, chemical-free Ozonix® technology can help cost-effectively treat sewage to produce environmentally safe effluent that is either reusable or suitable for discharge.

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Manufacturing Waste and Water Treatment

From process wastewater treatment to leachate and recovery, Ecosphere helps industrial manufacturers protect investments and mitigate risk, meet or exceed ever increasing industrial wastewater regulations, and eliminate the need for hazardous chemicals.

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Wastewater Pretreatment

Regardless of where you source your make up water, contaminants can throw a wrench in operations, damaging equipment and impacting process water quality. In order to ensure profitability and productivity, it is essential to leverage an effective water pretreatment program without creating an additional waste stream.

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Water Disinfection

Across industries and communities, clean water is critical to healthy, sustainable, and profitable operations. Proper water disinfection is an effective means of removing or killing bacteria and unwanted pathogens in water supplies.

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Marine and Ballast Wastewater Treatment

From water disinfection to scaling and biofilm control, from ballast wastewater to onboard grey water, Ecosphere empowers marine operations to increase shipboard productivity, decrease costs, and protect the environment, while eliminating dependency on hazardous chemicals.

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Medical Wastewater Treatment

Ecosphere Technologies is committed to providing green, clean water solutions to the medical industry. Our proven, chemical-free Ozonix® water treatment technology helps increase capacity and mitigate risks through water disinfection and sterilization and oxidation of contaminants, while protecting both asset investment and the environment.

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