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Open Innovation Model

Big ideas have a world of value

The stock market embraces businesses fueled by intellectual property and innovative manufacturing - businesses that are IP-heavy and capital-light.

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Identify an Environmental Challenge

Every Challenge is an opportunity

One in three people on the planet are currently impacted by water scarcity. Eighty-two percent of the world's water supply is consumed by industry and agriculture.

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Invent New Technologies and File Patents

We innovate and protect our IP across global markets

More than 30 clean tech patents and trademarks filed and approved around the world. Five recently approved US patents for Ozonix.

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Partner with Industry Leaders

Industry-proven partners lead to industry-proven solutions.

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Commercialize the Technology

Move seamlessly from patent to product.

Forty-four Ozonix EF units in operation. More than 2 billion gallons of water treated and recycled with Ozonix.

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Sell or License the Technology

Fully monetize IP via effective sales and licensing.

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Increase Shareholder Value

Value arises from solutions that are high margin and in demand.

Ninety percent increase in total revenue (nine-month YTD). Two-hundred and twelve percent increase in IP licensing and manufacturing revenue (nine-month YTD).


Updated: Dec. 31, 2012

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